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Instead, observe your potential love interest and try to find something interesting to talk about. After all, she's a stranger, but if you can strike up a real conversation, you may have started something special.:1. This will help to take your mind off finding a man.3.

Make a List and Check It- Women tend to make a list of their perfect man and it's long. If it is from a few years ago, revise it and then circle three or four deal breakers. You will let go of things that will keep you from seeing that Mr. Get Out of the Grind- We are all creatures of habit, but if you want to meet a single black man, sometimes it's up to you to shake things up. Be You- It is important that you work on your self-esteem. Hold your head high and don't settle for fear of being alone.

If you get a smile back, you know that you have made a connection.3.

Think Outside the Box- Once you decide to approach an African American woman remember that whistling, tired pickup lines, and touching are not good methods to get a date.

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Jim Bob wants to know the boundaries in their relationship.This is a modern age; you're leaving the door open for an interested woman to approach you.2.Be Strong, Confident and Respectful- When you are out and see an attractive woman, she enjoys being complimented. A strong confident smile with eye contact gets you more points than any verbal communication.For the single mom, getting out there on the dating scene can be a daunting task.Not only do you want to find the perfect man, you need to be sure they will be good to your kids. You can meet black singles online that are going through the same struggles you are.

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