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If you do NOT want to know any spoilers about the outcome of the season, STOP READING NOW.

, Nick Viall and Josh Murray fought over Stanton a bit, but she ended up in a long-term relationship with Josh Murray.

They can lock down a new profession as a “public figure” and get paid to tout Fab Fit Tea and Diff Eyewear sunglasses on Instagram.

Where's a good non stripper boot emoji when you need one 🤔 who's in charge of emoji quality control anyway #americanmade @justinboots_ #bentrailcollection Click on the link in my bio for these boots A post shared by L U K E P E L L (@luke__pell) on motives for publicly bashing “The Bachelor.” It’s been portrayed as bold, as implying he’s above caring about TV fame, even though everyone knew his true passion is to become a famous country star.

The host got skewered for calling Luke “insincere” back when he first lost “The Bachelor” role, and he took to Twitter to bask in his redemption.Unfortunately for fans of the couple, the two ended their relationship.But, it looks like Stanton has found another man in after a scandal between herself and De Mario Jackson blows up into allegations of sexual misconduct.I just thought she was showing up for TV, honestly. and who could forget her sexual confessions on the show, telling Viall she had only slept with one other man and that she had never had an orgasm.Gates is definitely a favorite on the series and it looks like she could have her pick of men this season.

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