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If you’re a parent, the key thing is that your teenager, or young adult, shouldn’t have to rely on friends or other people to tell them about sex.

They need to know about how and why their bodies are changing and what sex is.

Answer only the question your child asked, then wait. Young kids often say they want to marry their friends—or even you! ” simplicity is best: “Yes, in many states in the country, they can.” Ease into the toughest query.

If you hear “Wait…how do two mommies have a baby without a daddy?

Some may not be able to masturbate and then some can.

_He’s wondering about relationships and types of families. A common one could be “Will I be a girl who marries a girl? ” You might also hear “I’m going to marry my best friend Andy (from a boy)!But you’re teenager, who might be confined to crutches or a wheelchair or even less able to communicate, will be just as curious as anyone else would be about sex and relationships.Isn’t it therefore unfair to leave them with unanswered questions?” relax—you still don’t have to talk about sex, says Brown Braun. Tell your child that because it takes cells from both a male and a female to make a baby, two mommies have to go to a doctor for help.Doctors also help two daddies get the female cells they’re missing.

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