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Kim Go Eun's uniqueness make me want to watch her more, she's not the stand out typical beautiful actress but as you go along with her she really stands out especially the way she act in this. But a very few story writers and directors are real saddist when it comes to creating a cliffhanging ending. I am currently watching this drama, and based on what I’ve read from the comments, the ending is not that good.

But in the end of drama I still hopes they make a remake or second season of this, I hope Baek Siblings and Jung be friend again.

i really enjoyed the time kim go eun with Seo Kang-Joon, rather than park min ji.i actually bored with the leads plot..

This drama give me strange feeling, too boring, craziness...

For me movie is not enough to collide the missing part about the two lead From philippines I still can't move on to this drama The PD is too cruel towarda park hye jin..

( i hate you pd) Those people who bash kim gu en, hello!!! Kim gu eun dont mind them, for me you are one of the best rising actress who is very flexible, you dont force yourself I can't help but compliment my love for every character.

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